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Recommended Reading

Historical Reading:

Great Books about Czech history in the public domain (not an exhaustive list):


Bohemia: An Historical sketch / Count Francis Lützow  


Bohemia and the C̆echs; the history, people, institutions, and the geography of the kingdom, together with accounts of Moravia and Silesia / Will S. Monroe.   


Bohemia Under Hapsburg Misrule / Thomas Capek   


History of Bohemia / Robert H. Vickers   


The Hussite Wars / Count Francis Lützow  


The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart / Johann Amos Comenius, Count Francis Lützow  


The Life & Times of Master Jan Hus / Count Francis Lützow  


Secrets of the Balkans / Charles J. Vopička 

The Story of Bohemia / Frances Gregor.  


The Story of Bohemia : from the earliest times to the fall of national independence in 1620 ; with a short summary of later events / C. Edmund Maurice.  


The Story of Prague / Count Francis Lützow 


Many Thanks to Dave Muhlena of the Czech & Slovak National Museum & Library, a Smithsonian Affliliate, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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